Vol 3, No 1 (2019)

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Guangyu Deng


This paper introduces typical instruments to generate static high pressures were introduced, several representative works in materials science were presented. Matter undergoes changes in physical, chemical, and structural characteristics when subjected to high pressure. Therefore, high pressure is a driving force for new materials, new phenomena, and new effects, and plays an increasingly important role in materials science. High pressure is not only an important means of synthesizing new materials, but also effective in microstructure modulation and performance regulation. It is an important way to develop high-performance materials.

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Guangquan Hu


Due to the unique surface effect, volume effect and quantum size effect of nanomaterials, the electrical, mechanical, magnetic, optical and other properties of the materials have produced amazing changes. At present, nanotechnology has become one of the hotspots of scientific research. The application of nanotechnology in the future will far exceed the computer industry or genetic medicine, and become the core of the information age in the 21st century. The thesis introduced in detail the characteristics of nanomaterials and the broad application prospects of nanotechnology in the fields of electronics, ceramics and chemical engineering.

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Leihong Sun


The paper summarizes the research status of international functionally gradient materials (FGM), introduces the optimization design principles, preparation processes and characteristics evaluation of functionally gradient materials, and focuses on the basic principles and process methods of the preparation process of functionally gradient materials, such as powder metallurgy. , Vapor deposition method, self-propagating high temperature synthesis method, thermal spray method, electrodeposition method, laser cladding method, etc., and look forward to the development prospects and directions of functionally gradient materials.

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Haipeng Wang


UO2-BeO high thermal conductivity pellets have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high efficiency, long cycle and low recovery cost compared with traditional nuclear fuel. In this paper, the thermal diffusion coefficient of UO2-BeO pellets is characterized by laser flash method, in which the selection and optimization of test parameters are the main research part.


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