Discussion on the Integrated Technology Development of Urban Underground Pipeline Surveying and Mapping

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Kun Jiang


As a basic content of urban construction, underground pipeline surveying and mapping has made great progress in the development of urban information construction. The surveying and mapping technology integrating internal and external industries can promote the construction of underground pipeline system, which is an effective measure to coordinate the healthy development of the city. Because the underground pipeline construction is closely related to the quality of people’s quality of life, but also inseparable from the urban construction and development, therefore, it is necessary to improve the attention to the underground pipeline mapping. At present, although China has made great achievements in the research and application of underground pipeline survey and integrated surveying and mapping technology, there are still many deficiencies in the actual underground pipeline management, lagging behind the western developed countries. Based on this, this paper combines the relevant practical experience, summarizes the problems existing in the integration technology of underground pipeline surveying and mapping, undertakes the above theories, puts forward the corresponding thinking and suggestions, and makes a comprehensive discussion, in order to improve the integration level of underground pipeline surveying and mapping in China.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/jzjg.v7i6.1582


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