Discussion on the Construction Technology of Housing Construction Project and the Treatment of Common Problems

VIEWS - 140 (Abstract) 68 (PDF (简体中文))
Jukui Zhang, Ying Gui


Housing construction engineering is an important engineering form to ensure production and life. From the perspective of the characteristics of the key points of technical composition, the technical system of housing construction engineering is gradually complicated due to its many forms of expression and large construction volume. Looking at the current situation of the industry, some engineering projects are lack of construction technology management, which also makes housing construction projects show a variety of technical problems, thereby endangering project quality and safe use. In this context, the key construction technologies of housing construction engineering are clarified, and the necessary optimization countermeasures are put forward, which can be used as a reference for construction enterprises to carry out technical management.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/jzjg.v7i6.1579


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