Application of “Drilling and Grasping Method” in the Design and Construction of Anti-seepage Walls

VIEWS - 185 (Abstract) 64 (PDF (简体中文))
Junliang Su


The anti-seepage wall has been widely used in many fields, and the construction technology is also various, such as high-pressure jet impervious wall, continuous grooving technology of hydraulic slotting machine, mechanical grab and hydraulic grab construction technology of impervious wall. Different technologies are applicable to different geological conditions, and it is often necessary to combine or even innovate different technologies in order to continuously improve the technical level and complete the construction tasks quickly, well and economically. Based on practical experience, the paper studies the construction of impervious wall by adding impact drill on the basis of traditional grab construction under the complex geological conditions of pebble gravel layer, pebble mixed soil, sandstone strongly weathered layer and weakly weathered layer, and expounds the “drilling and grasping method” adopted in the implementation process in detail, aiming to provide reference for future designers and constructors.



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