Research on Formwork Erection Construction of Non Combined Through Wire Water Stop Screw of Impermeable Wall

VIEWS - 161 (Abstract) 26 (PDF (简体中文))
Yang Xie, Yang Xie, Yihui Liu, Zhen Liu, Jisong Chen


The threaded rod without water stop plate is used to replace the original water stop bolt. The threaded rod is composed of a full-length threaded rod, a tapered screw sleeve and a nut. With the help of the threaded rod, the water seepage path of the wall is changed, the water seepage line is extended, and the water pressure is reduced, so as to achieve the water stop effect. Its implementation not only reduces the processing difficulty, but also can adjust the bolt buckle spacing according to the thickness of the outer wall of the basement, effectively strengthen the formwork, and reduce the risk of formwork expansion and explosion; It can be manually removed to reduce on-site hot work. It is a better choice for the basement wall formwork system.



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