The problem and the solution in municipal building construction management

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Li Na Xuan, Chao Chao Guo, Ren Wei Li, Zi Shang Chu, Yong Tong Zhou


In recent years, with the progress of the society and sustainable development of national economy, to some extent for the stable progress of urbanization construction, as well as the municipal construction engineering scale and quantification of construction and development have created favorable conditions.  As an important part of the municipal architectural project, its level and quality of the construction management not only concern the smooth implementation of municipal projects, but also reflects the construction quality and construction level of infrastructure in the whole city. Based on this, this article mainly from the perspective of management discuss the present condition of the construction management of municipal construction projects in China at present stage, probes into a series of suggestions to improve one by one, through the summary of the experience, and the quality of municipal engineering in our country overall construction management.


municipal projects; construction management; current status; improvement





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