Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

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Feng An Ning


This study reviewed a comprehensive discussion on the ownermanagement of the upgrading and  reconstruction project of the common national trunk highway in Guizhou province. Established the Construction Project Management Measures and formulated the measures for the administration of construction projects. From the aspects of project owner management, credit evaluation, main procedures, daily delivery of information, property management fees, the implementation of construction projects, project completion audit , working methods and other aspects to research.

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Xiang Po Li, Tao Wang, Li Li Wang, Xue Kai Sun, Xiao Li Ma


With the rapid development of economy in our country, the quality of people's life is gradually increasing. Therefore, our country put forward higher standards to the construction technology of landscape architecture. In order to conform to the development needs of the times, the construction of landscape architecture must create a number of science and art projects. Landscape architecture construction in the construction process, the application of construction technology and quality is to ensure that the project completed in advance the basic conditions. In order to strengthen the quality of landscape architecture construction, we must master the technical focus of landscape architecture construction and make reasonable use of it.

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Li Na Xuan, Chao Chao Guo, Ren Wei Li, Zi Shang Chu, Yong Tong Zhou


In recent years, with the progress of the society and sustainable development of national economy, to some extent for the stable progress of urbanization construction, as well as the municipal construction engineering scale and quantification of construction and development have created favorable conditions.  As an important part of the municipal architectural project, its level and quality of the construction management not only concern the smooth implementation of municipal projects, but also reflects the construction quality and construction level of infrastructure in the whole city. Based on this, this article mainly from the perspective of management discuss the present condition of the construction management of municipal construction projects in China at present stage, probes into a series of suggestions to improve one by one, through the summary of the experience, and the quality of municipal engineering in our country overall construction management.

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Li Ping Xu, Jian Hua Li, Ling Jiang Kong, Jun Wei Sun, Hai Peng Wang


With the continuous expansion of the urban area in China, people pay more and more attention to the relationship between urban planning and construction design. Architectural design for indoor and outdoor space, the principle is to ensure the safety of the space, aesthetics, urban planning for urban space design and layout, it can be said that architectural design is the micro-urban planning design, urban planning then It is a wide range of planning and design. This article outlines the relationship between urban planning and architectural design and puts forward some measures to reasonably adjust the relationship between the two.

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Jia Peng Tang, Li Guo Zhu, Shao Hui Yan, Zhong Chao Qi, Ting Hai Yan


In recent years, the construction industry shows a rapid development in China. The amount of high-rise buildings continually increases, and in the meanwhile, the technical requirements of construction gradually increase, especially in deep foundation pit support
construction technology. At present, there exist a large number of high-rise buildings in China. The working face of foundation engineering is becoming smaller and smaller, while the foundation pit is getting deeper and deeper. In order to ensure the quality of construction projects, the deep foundation pit support construction technology should be continuously improved. This paper analyzes the current status of deep foundation pit support construction, and the past studies and researches about the supporting technology of deep foundation pit. The conclusion of this paper is expected to provide some help for the construction enterprises.


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