Technical analysis on deep foundation pit supporting in architectural engineering construction

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Jia Peng Tang, Li Guo Zhu, Shao Hui Yan, Zhong Chao Qi, Ting Hai Yan


In recent years, the construction industry shows a rapid development in China. The amount of high-rise buildings continually increases, and in the meanwhile, the technical requirements of construction gradually increase, especially in deep foundation pit support
construction technology. At present, there exist a large number of high-rise buildings in China. The working face of foundation engineering is becoming smaller and smaller, while the foundation pit is getting deeper and deeper. In order to ensure the quality of construction projects, the deep foundation pit support construction technology should be continuously improved. This paper analyzes the current status of deep foundation pit support construction, and the past studies and researches about the supporting technology of deep foundation pit. The conclusion of this paper is expected to provide some help for the construction enterprises.


architectural engineering; construction; deep foundation pit; support techniques





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