The Primary Study on Evaluating Index System of Energy Efficient Buildings

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Ling Ye, Yang Yao, Qingqin Wang


In the standards and criterions of many countries, the evaluating index of energy efficient buildings mostly comprises of two types, prescriptive index and performance index. Firstly , the concepts of each type  were  explained  respectively  in  this paper , and  several  existed typical evaluating performance indexes and methods of energy2efficient buildings were introduced , also  the  characteristics of  each index were presented. Furthermore , the evaluating indexes and methods used by  existing  design  standards for  energy  efficiency  buildings  in  China were  briefly  discussed  and  some  elementary  suggestions  on  the foundation  of   evaluating  index  system  were  analyzed.   At  last ,  based  on the discussion , a suitable evaluating index system of energy efficient buildings for China could  be  established ,  as  a  result ,  the  energy  resources could  be  saved and the environment  could  be protected.


Energy efficient buildings; Evaluating index; Performance index; Design standard



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