Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

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Haojiang Zhou


Hereby discussed on the most commonly used building’s exterior insulation technology and energy-saving materials. Promote positive building’s exterior wall technology, be sure to strengthen the development and utilization of new energy-saving materials, so that the EEB (Energy Efficiency Building) get implemented.

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Xudi Yuan


With the advancement of economic and science and technology, electrical automation has been widely used in modern construction projects. Describes the advantages of electrical automation system, analyze the composition and function of the electrical engineering building automation system implementation. Finally, focus on the electric automation system in the building project.

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Yongjun Wang


The construction industry is a high-risk, the industry frequent accidents, and in the production process, there are many uncontrollable influence factors. In recent years, the safety management in the construction industry is gradually maturing and perfect, but the construction field casualties multiple situations has not fundamentally reversed, this article focuses on the causes and countermeasures of construction casualties explore.

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Cankun Ou


Building performance, mainly due to its internal and external image and projecting the overall morphology and outer space color performance. If, after the construction is completed, only a single performance of building three-dimensional surface, it is just isolated to the ground (space) of a group or a group of only isolated and boring. However, if the landscape designer landscaping, configuration greenery, into this important element, it will not only exhibit architectural art architectural charm of its own and can display the rich culture of the building.

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Qi Feng


In recent years in building construction site construction workers due to the complexity, the project construction period, the working environment is poor, the construction process hazard and more security-conscious workers partial bottom. When accidents occur, such as by falling, falling objects wounding, electric shock, earthmoving collapse, overturning and other machinery, causing casualties, to construction companies and property losses caused by the economy to varying degrees. Throughout its reasons, one is security responsibilities are not clear, safety supervision and management system is not perfect, the other is the weakening of the internal management of construction enterprises, especially flawed construction site management, lack of effective security measures, the responsibility is not implemented, management personnel and operations personnel have not performed the necessary education and training, lack of knowledge of security technologies, illegal command, illegal operation.

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Ling Ye, Yang Yao, Qingqin Wang


In the standards and criterions of many countries, the evaluating index of energy efficient buildings mostly comprises of two types, prescriptive index and performance index. Firstly , the concepts of each type  were  explained  respectively  in  this paper , and  several  existed typical evaluating performance indexes and methods of energy2efficient buildings were introduced , also  the  characteristics of  each index were presented. Furthermore , the evaluating indexes and methods used by  existing  design  standards for  energy  efficiency  buildings  in  China were  briefly  discussed  and  some  elementary  suggestions  on  the foundation  of   evaluating  index  system  were  analyzed.   At  last ,  based  on the discussion , a suitable evaluating index system of energy efficient buildings for China could  be  established ,  as  a  result ,  the  energy  resources could  be  saved and the environment  could  be protected.


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