Discussion on Energy-Saving Design Measures of HVAC

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Lianjian Hou


With continual increase of people's living quality requirements, the demand for buildings with HVAC systems is growing. As energy shortage intensifies today, EEBs (Energy-efficient Buildings) are becoming the main trend of future developments in the construction industry. Therefore, further improving HVAC energy-saving measures is a particularly important task and is the key issue being examined by current HVAC designers. This study starts with analyzing existing problems in energy-saving design of HVAC, and proposes some views and recommendations for HVAC energy-saving design method, as well as reasonable choices of parameters for HVAC systems such as energy-saving design of cooling and heating ventilation, energy-saving design of hot and cold water systems, and optimum heat recovery design of HVAC systems, in order to reduce buildings’ energy consumption and to improve energy efficiency for energy-saving purposes. 


HVAC; Energy-saving Design; Energy-efficient Buildings

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/wc.v4i3.4


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