Vol 11, No 1 (2022)

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Lihong Tong, Xueliang Zhu


In modern architectural design, the scientific use and development of Chinese traditional architectural elements is an issue studied in-depth by every building designer. Exploration is made from the application of humanity concept in traditional Chinese architectural culture. The traditional architectural space design applications, the use of traditional architecture symbols, traditional architectural elements applications and other aspects, have important significance to implant traditional Chinese architectural elements into the development of modern architecture.

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Xuying Yang


Since the building of electrical facilities became more common, people paid more attention to the quality and safety of electric equipment, which led to a stricter requirement for building electrical installation. The installation of electrical engineering is closely related to the quality of the building itself, if too much carelessness is seen during the process of building the electrical facility, it would be prone to some quality problems and hence cannot ensure the safety of the user's life. This study will expound the cause and prevention measures of common faults in building electric installation engineering through common fault analysis of building electrical installation. Therefore, it is of great significance to pay special attention to the quality management of electrical installation engineering and develop electrical installation engineering by applicability, reliability, economy, beautiful appearance and convenience.

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Lianjian Hou


With continual increase of people's living quality requirements, the demand for buildings with HVAC systems is growing. As energy shortage intensifies today, EEBs (Energy-efficient Buildings) are becoming the main trend of future developments in the construction industry. Therefore, further improving HVAC energy-saving measures is a particularly important task and is the key issue being examined by current HVAC designers. This study starts with analyzing existing problems in energy-saving design of HVAC, and proposes some views and recommendations for HVAC energy-saving design method, as well as reasonable choices of parameters for HVAC systems such as energy-saving design of cooling and heating ventilation, energy-saving design of hot and cold water systems, and optimum heat recovery design of HVAC systems, in order to reduce buildings’ energy consumption and to improve energy efficiency for energy-saving purposes. 

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Hongliang Wang


With the improvement of people’s quality of life and living environment of the building requirements, architectural landscape design should continue to improve the building use group's satisfaction and increase the intensity of ecological architecture landscape construction, in order to ensure efficiency and utility of architecture landscape planning. This is so that the living personnel can fully experience the beautiful architectural landscape, thereby improving people's satisfaction of the building. Currently, since there is an increasing trend of people’s move towards green ecological direction, and the ecological architecture landscape planning design is becoming important, hence creating the green eco-building environment is the inevitable development direction of architecture landscape in future. Based on work experience, starting from the ecological architecture landscape design principles, this paper will present the key point of current ecological architecture landscape design, in order to provide some ideas for building landscape design development.

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Ruiping Huo


Although there have been good developments in China’s construction industry with increasing building technology and design levels, there are still some issues that require attention and to be solved by designers in constructing structure designs. The stability of building structure and the quality of construction can only be ensured with continual rectifying and solving problems in structural design. In this study, the discussion examines some design problems encountered in actual construction work.

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Yanan Zhu


Bored piles involve making pile holes in the site needing pile by mechanical drilling methods and other methods, then placing the pile made of reinforcing cage and pouring concrete inside the holes. Bored piles have smaller vibration and noise compared to sinking pile by hammer method, and are suitable for all kinds of foundations, thus getting the favour of construction enterprises in recent years and is widely used in construction engineering. However, during the process of borehole piling, the bearing capacity of the pile was severely affected by the quality of construction and it is difficult to control the quality of concrete. Hence, bored pile technology is very important. This study will mainly discuss bored pile technology in building construction.

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Yingyi Yang, Rongsheng Kang, Ming Yang


Creating green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly building products is the main theme of construction industry in order to achieve sustainable development. The study starts with innovations in energy-saving designs and energy-saving construction of a building’s interior decoration and other important aspects that use energy effectively, improve energy efficiency, as well as providing people with healthy, comfortable, natural and harmonious living and working environment, while realizing sustainable development of construction.

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Hongjun Diao, Zhanhong Wang


Cost reduction is the goal of building engineering cost control and the main way to effectively increase corporate profit gains. In this paper, a brief discussion on the contents of engineering cost control in the building structure design is presented. It aims to make enterprises truly recognize the important role of engineering cost control through preliminary analysis and discussion and improve overall strength by a series of improvement measures.

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Jianyu Wei


The building structural design which has met both functional and quality assurances could no longer meet the demands of human life and spirit, especially with the continuous improvement in living standards and increasing in public needs. Therefore, there is necessary to optimize the design of building structures. This study will give a brief introduction to the optimization theory of structural design, present some optimization measures and theoretical reference for future structural design optimization.

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Shujun Shi


High-rise buildings have become an inevitable trend in future building development. Since today’s building theories and technologies have not fully matured, we should perform a comprehensive analysis by combining urban environmental conditions in order to promote sustainable development of high-rise buildings. This study will discuss development prospects and problems of high-rise buildings via the relationship between urban environment and high-rise buildings, in order to form a more comprehensive and mature understanding of future development direction and the focus of high-rise building, and to propose appropriate countermeasures to the negative impacts of high-rise buildings on the development of urban environment.


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