Simply-supported Box Girder Construction Technique of 40 m Movable Formwork Method Cast-in-Situ Railway Passenger Dedicated Line

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Zhemin Li


The movable formwork has the characteristics of light self weight, large bearing capacity, small rod type number, rapid assembling, and simplicity to construct. Therefore, when cast-in-situ concrete box girder is constructed, the moveable formwork has great meanings in cost reduction and project time limit shortening. By using this method, the difficulty that brackets cannot be distributed as the ground bearing capacity of bridges. Besides that, bridge sites is low is reasonably solved, cost of material and labor can be reduced, influence to underbridge is minimize, and the construction progress is accelerated. The simply-supported box girder construction technique of 40 m movable formwork method cast-in-situ railway passenger dedicated line is particularly analyzed.


Moveable formwork; Simply-supported box girder; Construction technique



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