Vol 12, No 1 (2023)

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Xudong Ding


Application of optimization technology of housing structural design has a very important role in promoting the improvement of optimization technology of construction enterprise structural design, upgrading optimization technology application ability of structural designer and quality of building products, as well as increasing the actual benefit of construction enterprises. Started from the definition of housing structural design optimization, the study will analyze the problems in optimization technology of housing structural design, in order to reduce construction costs, reflecting the value of structure optimization, making housing structural design function be more suitable for people living and life, and greatly enhancing the safety and seismic performance.

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Li Su


Each region has its own cultural characteristics, and the regional culture have very obvious characteristics in people’s daily lives, such as the aspect of interior design. Different places have different designs and show different design characteristics, so this paper will mainly made a simple analysis and discussion on the application of regional culture in the field of interior design.

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Weifeng Zhong


Construction quality directly affect the structure safety of high-rise building. Especially the construction quality of the conversion layer in ultra high-rise buildings plays an important role for the overall quality of ultra high-rise buildings. This article mainly discusses and analyzes the key points, difficulties and quality control in construction of conversion layer, in order to better control the quality of conversion layers in ultra high-rise buildings and build better buildings.

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Wuyi Han


Large commercial building has gradually become the main trend in commercial buildings recently. In current national fire protection design specification, the lacking of targeted measures for the fire protection design on such building will bring obsession to building designers during the specific engineering design, and it can easily lead to non-compliance with national specification. Therefore, we propose relevant state departments to publish state technical standard on fire control against fire protection design of large commercial building. Based on the collected information, data and conducted experiments, standardize the fire protection design of such buildings, will effectively avoiding formation of major fire potential. 

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Yi Fang


Construction engineering quality is the life of the construction enterprise, also the premise and inexhaustible motive force for the development of the enterprise. Through the effective control of the quality of high-rise building, scientific and reasonable management measures were developed to promote the improvement of quality of high-rise building, so as to effectively ensure the quality of the project, to ensure the economic benefits of enterprises, and promote the development of the construction industry.

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Man Mao, Rui Li, Ke Zeng


As to combine with specific engineering practice, this paper presents a framework to guide rail type adhesive lifting scaffolding in high-rise residential building design and constructions well as changed the traditional characteristics of steel pipe scaffold by using new standard truss and scaffold board design All the connecting parts are connected by bolt, using electric wrench to install, and implementing the overall tools, systematic design and installation. Engineering practice proved that the frame rail type adhesive lifting scaffold can not only speed up the construction progress, control costs and improve economic efficiency, but also be popularized in similar engineering.

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Guangyu Zou


Architectural design thinking innovation is the innovative thinking activities of inside and outside area of building, in order to meet the daily life and entertainment needs. With the development of economy, people have increasingly high design requirements for the building, which requires designers to improve their innovative thinking and ability of aestheticism. It continually innovate and inspire talent during the building design, and combine the theory and actual situation, in order to develop the new realm of architectural design work. This paper will mainly analyze and discuss the architectural design innovation thinking.

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Ping Liu


Reasonable ecological architectural design can promote the realization of energy saving and environmental protection strategic planning. Architecture is an artificial environment to meet people’s daily life and living, architects may achieve energy saving and low consumption requirements through this kind of environment. Optimization should be made on the aspects of overall layout, functional configuration and space combination during design, in order to create more value under limited economic conditions.

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Zhemin Li


The movable formwork has the characteristics of light self weight, large bearing capacity, small rod type number, rapid assembling, and simplicity to construct. Therefore, when cast-in-situ concrete box girder is constructed, the moveable formwork has great meanings in cost reduction and project time limit shortening. By using this method, the difficulty that brackets cannot be distributed as the ground bearing capacity of bridges. Besides that, bridge sites is low is reasonably solved, cost of material and labor can be reduced, influence to underbridge is minimize, and the construction progress is accelerated. The simply-supported box girder construction technique of 40 m movable formwork method cast-in-situ railway passenger dedicated line is particularly analyzed.

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Zengyu Li, Weibing Hu


With the speeding up of urbanization and increasing of urban population, the urban land resources are increasingly scarce. Emergence of ultra high-rise building is an inevitable trend. At present, our construction industry is in the rapid development period, where the proportion of ultra high-rise buildings in urban architecture of many big cities constantly increases. The improving ultra high-rise engineering technology is an important part of the construction industry in our country. This paper will analyze the ultra high-rise construction technology of building work in detail.

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Yunfeng Zhang, Hourong Pan


Currently, in power plants, the application of the extinction coil in high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point is less experienced. A research done on nuclear power plant and conventional fossil fuel power plant proved that using an auxiliary power system’s different characteristics was leading to different demands of the grounding modes. Thus, this research was done by selecting the grounding mode of high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point on the main nuclear power plants and the partial fossil fuel power plants together with the calculation of practical engineering, and optimal design schemes. The high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point grounding modes have been induced in the large-scale into the nuclear power plant and the conventional fossil fuel power plant. Methods in determining the neutral point grounding modes are used by analyzing the principles commonly used grounding modes and requirements of related codes. First, choose the suitable grounding mode according to the calculation result of capacitive current. Then, choose more conducive grounding mode to the operation of power plant according to the operation of technology equipment. The power is required from the configuration, connection of auxiliary power and the cut from the accident of auxiliary power. As some power plants which are under-construction will be putting into operation one after another, the whole set of perfect security arrangements and operating experiences will also be accumulated inevitably. As a conclusion, high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point grounding modes directly affect the running of the auxiliary power system and even affect the security of the nuclear safety and the operation of the power plant. I hope this article can play a role for reference on the selection of the auxiliary power system grounding modes.

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Jun Chen, Yuxin Liu


Various engineering project construction must go through planning and design, architecture construction, operation management and other stages. Each stage should carry out relevant measurements, including measuring project during the construction phase and initial operational phase which called construction surveying. Engineering Surveying is the key work during construction of architecture projects, which affecting the construction quality and operation process of architecture objects. A detailed surveying work should be conducted at the early stage of official start of architecture engineering, in order to grasp the geological conditions of construction site, and avoiding the occurrence of various diseases phenomenon during post-operation. Therefore, coordination between engineering units is needed to complete the surveying of architecture project together


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