Green Building Index System Based on Detailed Low-Carbon Ecological Planning

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Zhi Xin Su


The low-carbon ecological planning and green building are continuously explored at home and abroad, and a corresponding index system is formed, but no reasonable relationship between green building and ecological planning is established. This paper concludes a pointcut of planning and an index system combining green building and low-carbon ecology through analysis and research on green building and low-carbon ecological indexes at home and abroad, and based on the urban characteristics and practice experience of Beijing city. In the planning process, this paper considers 20 indexes in four aspects: spatial planning, traffic organization, resource utilization and ecological environment, and the building design process includes 27 indexes in seven aspects, such as building, structure, water supply and drainage, and so on. The indexes in two aspects correspond to each other, and form a complete set of low-carbon ecological and green building index system.


Low-carbon ecological planning; green building; index system



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