A Study on Systematic Interface Formed from Composition of Architectural Space

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Min Yu


This paper is about the study on systematic interface formed from composition of architectural space from three aspects, intermediary material representation of interface, systematic expressions of interface semiotics and improvisation of interface design. Rational utilization of the mutual interdependence of construction factors of spatial interface is proposed for effective enclosure, limitation, guidance and organization. This is beneficial in realizing the ordered combination of multilevel space, so that the changes and development of space can be conducted in an orderly manner under the organization of various interface elements. This can also avoid the one-sided subjectivity of “either this or that†in the train of thoughts of composing, to form a holistic comprehension towards spatial configuration.


Spatial configuration; Intermediary material representation; Interface semiotic system; Interface design

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/wc.v6i1.82


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