Vol 5, No 1 (2020)

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An Wang, Dongyi Fang


This paper focus on the characteristics of heavy hydrocarbon frozen stoppage, which is based on the investigation of current problems of liquefied natural gas factory. Combined with the causes of frozen study, the paper analyzes the four kinds of technological schemes, such as "adsorption", "heavy hydrocarbon washing", "gas stripping + heavy hydrocarbon backflow" and "low temperature distillation" in a LNG project in Inner Mongolia of CNPC. It analysis the merits and drawbacks of every proposals from process simulation, process description, applicability, temperature parameters, liquefaction energy consumption, major equipment, investment etc. Finally this paper selects a heavy hydrocarbon removal process proposal, which is suitable for a LNG factory in  Inner Mongolia, and is more simple process, low energy consumption, easy to operate. After the project is put into operation, the comparison between actual operation data and designed data proves the feasibility of this proposal. The results provide a guidance and reference for the subsequent LNG factory designing.

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Quan Zheng


This paper mainly focuses on the in-depth study of cadastral survey methods in urban cadastral survey, and puts forward some cadastral survey methods, such as above-mentioned technology, global positioning technology, geographic information system, aerial photography surveying and mapping technology, digital surveying and mapping technology, etc., to ensure the convenience and rationality of the application of cadastral surveying and mapping methods, to continuously improve the level of urban cadastral survey, and to ensure the smooth completion of urban cadastral survey.

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Ya'an Zhao


The prospect of waste heat utilization in cement plant is very broad. In this paper, it is briefly summarized, and then the production system and equipment selection of waste heat power plant and the technical implementation analysis are discussed. It is hoped that this paper can have certain reference value for specific projects of the same type of waste heat utilization.

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Qian Li, Xiaowei Yang


In the process of carrying out land survey, scientific control of the quality of project results can ensure higher investigation accuracy in the specific work process, and create good conditions for the orderly development of its work. this paper first analyzes the technical characteristics of three adjustments, and then based on this, further explores the project results quality control strategy.

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Xiaojie Li


With the development of our economy and the progress of our society, the rural construction of our country has also entered a new level, and the rural revitalization has become the most important strategic goal of our country at the present stage. Therefore, the relevant units need to respond positively to the call of the state and make clear the key points of the revitalization of rural villages in the new era, so as to study the perfect path and promote the rural development of our country. This paper analyzes he key points of the implementation of rural revitalization strategy and the path and development of rural revitalization under the background of the new era, hoping to enlighten and help to promote the further development of rural construction in China.

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Hongxing Wu


With the global oil shortage and the increasingly prominent problem of environmental pollution, reducing the fuel consumption rate of vehicle engine and the harmful gas composition in exhaust has increasingly become an important research topic all over the world. Under the background of accelerating the process of green and low-carbon development, promoting the energy revolution and accelerating the development of natural gas industry at home and abroad, LNG has become one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. New fuels bring changes in fuel properties, and a series of new problems need to be studied. The emergence of LNG "aging" phenomenon is one of them. NLG stored in the storage tank at low temperature has a large temperature difference from the external environment, which makes the heat penetrate continuously. Heat infiltration and multicomponent NLG are the two root causes of NLG "aging". LNG storage tank is an important facility of LNG plant. The construction process is complex, the manufacturing process is harsh, and the investment cost is huge. The precooling of LNG storage tank is very important for the successful operation of LNG unit before putting into operation. In order to verify the feasibility and practicability of the index system and evaluation model, taking the Fuling LNG plant of Sinopec Chongqing Tonghui Energy Co., Ltd. as an example, it is concluded that the LNG + Liquid Nitrogen Precooling mode is the best scheme.


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