Study on the Solution of Heavy Hydrocarbon Caused Frozen Stoppage in LNG Factory

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An Wang, Dongyi Fang


This paper focus on the characteristics of heavy hydrocarbon frozen stoppage, which is based on the investigation of current problems of liquefied natural gas factory. Combined with the causes of frozen study, the paper analyzes the four kinds of technological schemes, such as "adsorption", "heavy hydrocarbon washing", "gas stripping + heavy hydrocarbon backflow" and "low temperature distillation" in a LNG project in Inner Mongolia of CNPC. It analysis the merits and drawbacks of every proposals from process simulation, process description, applicability, temperature parameters, liquefaction energy consumption, major equipment, investment etc. Finally this paper selects a heavy hydrocarbon removal process proposal, which is suitable for a LNG factory in  Inner Mongolia, and is more simple process, low energy consumption, easy to operate. After the project is put into operation, the comparison between actual operation data and designed data proves the feasibility of this proposal. The results provide a guidance and reference for the subsequent LNG factory designing.


LNG factory; heavy hydrocarbon; frozen stoppage; process proposal

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