Study on LNG storage modes and the influence on engine performance

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Hongxing Wu


With the global oil shortage and the increasingly prominent problem of environmental pollution, reducing the fuel consumption rate of vehicle engine and the harmful gas composition in exhaust has increasingly become an important research topic all over the world. Under the background of accelerating the process of green and low-carbon development, promoting the energy revolution and accelerating the development of natural gas industry at home and abroad, LNG has become one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. New fuels bring changes in fuel properties, and a series of new problems need to be studied. The emergence of LNG "aging" phenomenon is one of them. NLG stored in the storage tank at low temperature has a large temperature difference from the external environment, which makes the heat penetrate continuously. Heat infiltration and multicomponent NLG are the two root causes of NLG "aging". LNG storage tank is an important facility of LNG plant. The construction process is complex, the manufacturing process is harsh, and the investment cost is huge. The precooling of LNG storage tank is very important for the successful operation of LNG unit before putting into operation. In order to verify the feasibility and practicability of the index system and evaluation model, taking the Fuling LNG plant of Sinopec Chongqing Tonghui Energy Co., Ltd. as an example, it is concluded that the LNG + Liquid Nitrogen Precooling mode is the best scheme.

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