A review of studies in taxi mobility and e-hailing taxi service

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Rongxiang Su, Zhixiang Fang


Taxi mobility has long been a heated research topic in the fields of geography, physics, complex network science, and computer science. Existing studies focus on the spatio-temporal variation of taxi mobility and taxi operation strategy. However, with the advent of e-hailing taxi services, more and more scholars turn to uncover the impacts of the emerging travel mode on human mobility and urban dynamics. For example, some researchers studied the taxi market equilibrium after the emergence of e-hailing services. And others focus on comparing the difference in taxi pricing strategies and policies between traditional taxi market and e-hailing services. In this article, we systematically reviewed existing research on taxi mobility and impacts of e-hailing services on traditional taxi market. Further research is needed so that could help build up a better understanding of taxi mobility and e-hailing services.

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