Blockchain Technology in Smart Cities and Photovoltaic Power Generation: Opportunities and Challenges from a Computer Science Perspective

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Shan Wong, Chen Chen, Peishi Wu


This study presents a review of the applications, challenges, and development trends of blockchain technology in the context of smart cities and photovoltaic power generation. Blockchain technology possesses extensive applicability in the realms of government administration, public services, industrial development, and ecological environment, while simultaneously demonstrating immense potential within the photovoltaic power generation sector. Computer technology plays a pivotal role in blockchain applications, ensuring data security, compliance, and efficiency. However, the employment of blockchain technology in smart cities and photovoltaic power generation faces numerous challenges, including security, privacy protection, integration with other advanced technologies, and legal and regulatory issues. To surmount these obstacles, the adoption of corresponding technologies and strategies, reinforced education and training, and enhanced technological maturity and regulatory standards are requisite. By integrating blockchain technology with other technologies, one may anticipate its influential role across various domains and application scenarios, engendering a more extensive impact on the field of computing.


Smart Cities; Photovoltaic Power; Computer Science; Data Security; Privacy Protection; Legal and Regulatory Issues; Technological Maturity

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