Vol 4, No 1 (2021)

Vol 4, No1

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Wai Yi


The characteristics of strata, structures, magmatic rocks, lithology and mineralization in Dongtao mining area (Songwang area) of Bobai County, Guangxi were summarized. According to the geochemical anomalies of sediment in water system, and the main anomalies are explained and evaluated, combined with the geological characteristics of Dongtao and other mining areas, the prospecting prediction of favorable areas is carried out, and it is considered that there is a good prospect of prospecting.

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Pengfei Zhang


n the process of China’s development, various resources need to be used effectively. Among them, coal resources are one of the important basic guarantees in people’s life and production. The continuous use of coal resources in development has made mining more and more difficult, and put forward higher challenges to the mining process and the geological survey process. During the construction of coal mining projects, it is necessary to carry out effective measurement data, accurately improve the underground construction situation of the entire coal mine, make detailed data sorting of underground mines, and make correct judgments. Based on the actual situation, the thesis improves the accuracy in the process of coal mine geological survey, analyzes the related reasons, and adopts scientific measures to improve the maximization of coal mining.

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Cong Zhang


The continuous development of science and technology has provided new methods for geological survey technology, and more and more new technologies have been applied to surveys to achieve an accurate grasp of geological conditions. The development of mineral resources is closely related to the development of the country, so it is very necessary to do a good job in the development and analysis of mineral resources. The current status of mineral resources exploration determines the progress of China's future mineral development work, and is also a reference for the future direction of China's energy development. The paper analyzes the main problems existing in the exploration of China’s geological and mineral resources at this stage, and proposes corresponding solutions.

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Ruike Bai


he continuous improvement of modernization level has also gradually improved the surveying and mapping technology. Similarly, the rapid development of science and technology has provided a good environment for the widespread use of information-based surveying and mapping technology. For the surveying and mapping industry, the development of information surveying and mapping technology has good social significance. The development of surveying and mapping technology has undergone many changes. At present, it has gradually moved from digitization to informatization, ensuring the quality of surveying and mapping work to the greatest extent. In view of this, the paper discusses the development of digital surveying and mapping to informatized surveying and mapping, hoping to serve as a reference for related work.

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Xiaolong Liu


Mine survey plays an important role in safety production. In recent years, more attention has been paid to mine survey to improve safety and reliability. This paper analyzes the problems in mine survey and the application in safety production, hoping to help the development of the industry


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