Analysis on the Development Research from Digital Surveying and Mapping to Information Surveying and Mapping

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Ruike Bai


he continuous improvement of modernization level has also gradually improved the surveying and mapping technology. Similarly, the rapid development of science and technology has provided a good environment for the widespread use of information-based surveying and mapping technology. For the surveying and mapping industry, the development of information surveying and mapping technology has good social significance. The development of surveying and mapping technology has undergone many changes. At present, it has gradually moved from digitization to informatization, ensuring the quality of surveying and mapping work to the greatest extent. In view of this, the paper discusses the development of digital surveying and mapping to informatized surveying and mapping, hoping to serve as a reference for related work.


Digital surveying and mapping; Information surveying and mapping; Subject of surveying and mapping; De-velopment

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