Cattle manure DOM on adsorption of copper by the cyanobacterium Aliinostoc species

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Jihai Shao, Qiong Yan, Chenmin Sun, Ye Feng, Kanying Miao, Siqing Wang


Dissolved organic matter (DOM) and Cu(II), originated from livestock manure, often co-exist in livestock effluents. The effects of DOM on adsorption of Cu(II) by adsorbent remain unknown, which may prevent the removal of Cu(II) from livestock effluents using the method of adsorption. In this study, the effects of DOM on adsorption behaviors of Cu(II) by Aliinostoc sp. YYLX235, a epiphytic cyanobacterium, were investigated. The results showed that Aliinostoc could effectively bind with Cu(II) and remove it from water. Rather than absorption, most of Cu(II) were bound on the cell surface through adsorption. The decay of Aliinostoc did not resulted in rapid release of Cu(II) into water. The amount of Cu(II) adsorbed by Aliinostoc through ion exchange and complexation was decreased by DOM addition.


Dissolved organic matter; Copper ion; Epiphytic cyanobacterium; Competitive adsorption

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