Vol 3, No 2 (2024)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v3i2

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Min Zhang


One of the core courses of preschool education is vocal music education. In practice, by some factors, cause the current situation of vocal music education is not ideal, need to do a good job in research and analysis, and take effective measures to improve the quality of vocal music education.This paper analyzes the current situation of vocal music education in preschool education, and gives corresponding improvement measures to improve the teaching quality of vocal music education and further improve the quality of preschool education talents.

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Yundong Zhou


Basketball teaching in high school sports should implement the concept of "happy sports" to stimulate their enthusiasm and enjoyment of basketball. This study explores the necessity and methods of integrating the concept of "happy sports" into basketball teaching in high school sports with the aim of improving students' participation and continuity in basketball and cultivating their lifelong sports awareness and healthy lifestyles. This study explores the necessity and methods of integrating the concept of "Happy Sports" into high school physical education basketball teaching, aiming to improve students' participation and continuity in basketball, and to cultivate their lifelong awareness of sports and healthy lifestyles. The results of the study show that by optimizing the teaching content and methods, creating a relaxing and enjoyable learning atmosphere, and focusing on the process of experiencing and other measures, we can effectively enhance the students' motivation and interest in learning and achieve the goal of "Happy Sports".

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Lu Gao


This paper analyzes the effect of medical students' voluntary education and social public service mode on medical students' behavior improvement from three aspects: medical students' cognition of volunteer service, the guiding role of education mechanism in medical schools, and social environmental factors, so as to propose the path to optimize the education work of medical students' volunteer service and optimize the education mode of medical schools' volunteer service. Further comprehensively build and optimize the functions of voluntary information service and cultural education and promotion, and enhance the inherent ability and appeal of The Times in the ideological and political work and educational work of universities.

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Jian Pang, Mo Sha, Chunxia Yue, Yun Xing


Objective: For some elementary and middle school students in Beijing, their heads, shoulders, legs, and lateral dorsal and neck measurements are measured positively in their natural state. The head and shoulders, shoulders, X-legged and O-legs of primary and middle school students in Beijing are analyzed. There is also the status quo and characteristics of hunched and exploratory necks. They select the best period for teenagers to exercise, correct their postures, develop good standing habits, and have a beautiful body and good temperament to provide a certain theoretical basis. Methods: Randomly selected 100 students from four elementary schools and four middle schools in Beijing. A total of 800 people measured their body postures in their natural state using a body shape measurement device. And statistical analysis of the measurement results. Results: The abnormal physical postures of primary and middle school students in Beijing are more serious, and they are nearly 50% overall. The prevalence of abnormal body postures among Beijing primary and middle school students was high with head bias, neck exploration, and high and low shoulders. There is no particularly noticeable difference in the incidence of abnormal body posture between male and female students. It may be that the occurrence of abnormal body posture has nothing to do with gender. The frequency of appearance of necks in middle school students is high, and the frequency of high and low shoulders appears in the middle of pupils. The peak period of occurrence of various types of abnormal body postures varies. The peak periods of abnormal body postures of boys and girls are not all the same.

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Shufang Qu


Education reform is a kind of progress and improvement. Due to educational reform, the quality of education advances rapidly. The solution of hot issues in education will improve the quality of education, because these problems hinder the progress and improvement of education work. Due to the deviation and mistakes in people's understanding, and due to the rapid progress of society, many aspects are not enough progress, so there are these hot issues. With the improvement of the understanding of education work, and the participation of many people, the quality of education in China is improving. Hope that through the discussion of these issues, the education work presents a progressive atmosphere.

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Fang-Jun Song, Hui-Pin Chang, Ching-Chien Yang


This article explores the opportunities brought by the application of AI technology in higher education, including self-directed learning, automated assessment, big data analytics, and collaborative resource sharing. Through literature review and case studies, representative universities were selected to discuss the strategies they adopted in their digital transformation, the specific processes involved, challenges encountered, and how these were overcome. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation and AI in the field of higher education, and to offer references and insights for policy-making and academic research.

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Xiaoya Sun


In the educational background of "simultaneous development of five educations", aesthetics is a key link to achieve all-round development, and aesthetic education practice is a purposeful and planned aesthetic teaching carried out by various schools for all students, which can improve students' aesthetic perception, aesthetic experience and aesthetic creativity, and at the same time improve their aesthetic ability and humanistic quality. At present, although the situation of aesthetic education in universities in various parts of China has its own characteristics, there are still problems of imbalance and inadequacy compared with comprehensive, comprehensive and comprehensive quality education. However, due to a variety of reasons, the current implementation of physical education in colleges and universities in China is not optimistic. This paper analyzes the actual situation of aesthetic education for students in colleges and universities in China, and discusses the implementation of quality education for students in local universities in China according to relevant theories and policies.

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Xiao Hua


Physical education in colleges and universities plays an important role in the cultivation of all-round development of talents, with the deepening of the concept of high-quality education, it puts forward higher requirements for the construction of physical education teacher team in colleges and universities, this study aims to explore the status quo, problems and countermeasures of the construction of physical education teacher team in colleges and universities under the background of high-quality education, so as to provide references for the enhancement of the quality of physical education in colleges and universities.


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