The Art Course "Secret Garden" is an Inquiry into How High School Students can De-stress

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Shaoqian Du


After junior high school students enter high school, the learning burden of students increases, the difficulty of the course increases, and the pressure of high school students increases, and the pressure sources are many aspects such as study, examinations, competition among classmates, and family. How to help high school students de-stress is a topic worth exploring. With the advancement of educational reform, art classroom teaching is more diversified, art and psychology are related in many fields, in psychotherapy, one of the art treatment methods is coloring and decompression, so through the opening of the art course "Secret Garden" coloring decompression club, high school students accompanied by relaxed music, through the way of happy painting to release pressure. The effective combination of art and psychology can comprehensively improve students' core literacy, educate and entertain, release pressure while learning art knowledge, and guide students to face high school study and life positively and optimistically.


High school art; Stress reduction; Core literacy; Psychology

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