Study on Detection Method of Uranium Content in Uranium Diox-ide-Beryllium Oxide Pellets

VIEWS - 66 (Abstract) 33 (PDF)
Lingyu Jia


The uranium content detection method of UO2-BeO pellets was studied. The sample was dissolved in phosphoric acid, and then heated to be completely dissolved at 200℃ by adding 3 drops of nitric acid. In concentrated phosphoric acid solution containing sulfamic acid, excess ferrous sulfate was used to reduce uranium (vi) to uranium (vi), the rest ferrous sulfate was oxidized by nitric acid using molybdenum (vi) as catalyst, vanadyl sulfate was added, and uranium was titrated by potassium dichromate standard solution. The precision of the method is better than 0.1%


UO2-BeO core; uranium content

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