Study on energy-saving insulation materials in the buildings exterior

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Zhang Yang, Ya-Zhi Hu


Construction industry has been one of Chinas energy guzzlers, if we can reduce the energy consumption of the building industry through the use of new materials or new technologies, which will have a significant impact on the development of economy and society. The status quo of Chinas construction industry, high energy consumption, paper use energy-saving technologies in the field of construction works to expand the analysis, discusses the necessity of the construction industry currently uses energy-saving insulation materials and analyzes the current energy field of construction engineering technology application status, on the basis of focus on the application of energy-saving insulation materials in construction, particularly in the new system and the new glass curtain wall insulation material in construction applications, which fur-ther enhance the energy-saving technology within the field of construction engineering the application level has a certain reference.


energy conservation; insulation material; facades

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