Treatment Technology of Soil Dike Leakage in Water Conservancy Engineering Technology

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Qian Zhao


Leakage is the most common quality problem in the use process of soil embankment engineering, this problem will damage the structure of embankment engineering, shorten the service life of the project, and bring a great impact on the normal use of the project. Using the investigation method and the literature method, to analyze the causes of soil embankment leakage in water conservancy project, it is concluded that the leakage of soil embankment is mainly related to the instability of soil geology, survey and design is not in place, construction materials and other reasons; At the same time, the seepage prevention technology of soil embankment is explored, the high-pressure rotary jet grouting technology, curtain grouting seepage prevention technology and rock and soil grouting technology are applied to the seepage control work of soil embankment in water conservancy projects, effectively improve the seepage prevention performance of embankments; Finally, some suggestions from the management level, such as strengthening the construction site management, material management, quality management, hope to provide some theoretical reference for the development of relevant practical work.


water conservancy project; soil embankment; leakage reason; treatment technology

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