Design a System for Multifunctional Reconfigurable Intelligent Sensors

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Oluwadamilare Akintona Ezekiel


Experimental studies of some object or phenomenon testing of industrial products control of mechanisms or processes is inconceivable without measurements of physical quantities that characterize the state of the object. Therefore, the composition of any measuring, testing or control system as the most important components includes primary measuring transducers - sensors. The main function of the sensors is to convert the values of various physical quantities into electrical voltage. Strength time parameter of the electrical signal. In the list of tasks that need to be solved in the development and application of measuring systems, one of the most important is that it is necessary to measure not one, but different physical quantities for example, pressure, vibration, rotation speed, deformations, use different in principle of operation, characteristics and sensor design.


Sensor Design, Mathematical model for different types of sensor, Multifunctional configurable smart sensor





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