The Planning and Design Strategy from Ecological Civilization Perspective

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Fengyuan Liu


After experiencing thousands of years of the agricultural civilization and the industrial civilization development, China has finally entered an ecological-civilization stage in recent years, and the environmental protection has become an important gauge for measuring the social economic development. In the procedure of urban and rural construction, the release of the Urban and Rural Planing Decree signifies that the coordinated development of urban and rural planning in our country has entered a significant historical stage. This thesis has summarized and analyzed the common prob-lems existing in domestic urban and rural planning and design. Based on the problems this thesis has made in-depth discussion of the urban and rural planning and design with the ecological civilization issue which has been widely con-cerned in current social development and the implementation of the Urban and Rural Planing Decree being taken into consideration.


Urban and Rural Planing Decree; ecological civilization; urban and rural planning and design



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