Quality Control of Transmission Line Engi-neering in Wind Power Plant

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Peng Wang


The most critical component of a wind power plant is the transmission line, which carries two key tasks – the transpor-tation and distribution of electricity. The transmission line is also responsible for the various substations, wind power stations to contact to its safe and smooth operation. As the competition order of wind power projects is more chaotic, the quality of the project cannot be supervised and controlled by the whole process. The quality control of the project is not up to standard, and the overall quality of the transmission line will be affected. This paper focuses on two aspects of the elaboration, one is the wind turbine transmission line project common quality problems; the other is how to build wind power plant transmission line quality assurance system.


Wind power plant; Transmission line; Engineering quality

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/wc.v6i2.104


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