Exploration, knowledge and practice of ar-chitectural design creation Peiyu Bao

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Peiyu Bao


In the present situation of architectural design in China, the form is too impetuous for the design field. The middle pro-cess is not silent for the creative and innovative state of mind. The deep foundation is the big loss of the traditional culture soil. It will inevitably lead to the designer of the future creation of the concerns of the program, which naturally evoke the track of design of the creation. The track is the objective existence of the law of development. It is not up to the designer’s will for the transfer, only to make personal creation along the track. However, the track is far from its repair, and it still need clear knowledge, practical exploration and understanding to enhance. In this paper, the devel-opment rules of architectural design creation are summarized as three levels, including small products, master works and master, which also involved inheritance, evolution and innovation. Each level has three practical projects as evi-dence, including style, inspiration and philosophy. Many other aspects were analyzed in-depth and designed to specify the architect track in the correct direction.


Track; Inheritance; Evolution; Innovation; Idea

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/wc.v6i2.94


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