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T G Sitharam


In this paper, marine civil engineering structures such as breakwater and sea dikes are discussed along with the challenges of constructing a sea dike in coastal waters close to the coast for storage of flood waters or coastal reservoirs. Here the solution in utilizing or storing the abundant monsoon water which runs off to the ocean close to the coast itself using coastal reservoirs bounded by sea dikes with suitable modifications is proposed. Sea dike is an earthen dike, often meant to prevent flooding of the hinterland and the primary function is to protect low-lying coastal areas from inundation by the sea. For creating coastal reservoirs for storing river flood waters within the shallow waters of the coast close to the point where river joins the ocean. Breakwaters and sea dikes are structures which provide protection against the wave action of the sea and provide coastal protection. The same can be suitably modified for construction of coastal reservoir dikes. Each type of structures which are being considered in the marine environment will be discussed along with their advantages and disadvantages. Construction types of the sea dike or breakwater with specific modifications and alternatives will be presented with necessary design principles and different types of structures which are feasible in this marine environment. A case study of Ennore coal project, India is briefly presented, where a construction of breakwater has been done to protect coal harbour and incoming ships. This case study will be presented in brief to highlight the need for new construction technologies for building sea dikes using geotextiles. Emerging geosynthetic materials and innovative geosynthetic applications are presented for the construction of sea dikes for the creation of coastal reservoirs.

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Hailong Ma


While talking about practical advancement at city level, nearby administration is perhaps the main factor and can’t be avoided among the numerous significant angles; financial aspects, innovation, and climate, as metropolitan maintainability includes staggered administration and complex political elements. Utilizing the hypothesis of contextualism established by S. Pepper, this paper first and foremost considers the significance of ‘feasible’ and investigates the utilization and more extensive ramifications of the word ‘reasonable’ all through as conceived by contextualism. While featuring how metropolitan maintainability can be surveyed, this paper scrutinizes explicit strategies for evaluating metropolitan supportability. It endeavors to connect the basic way of thinking of contextualism to the idea of nearby administration as far as metropolitan administration. It then, at that point, investigates the disconnected part of these standards involving the city of Curitiba for instance. Anyway the model of the city of Curitiba demonstrated hard to survey, as there are excessively many variables to consider. It is felt that this contextual analysis is useful as a showing of the possible significance of the context oriented metropolitan model. We accept it impossible that this will be addressed soon, however it is critical to check out it and an answer for this logical inconsistency ought to be focused on.

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Chen Jing, Pan Yao


The morphology of the horticulture based deltaic settlement in the Western Basin of Chaophraya Delta is clarified through an examination of the connection between the accompanying elements; geographical conditions and recorded and social foundation. This likewise mirrored the creation from land advancement, and the settlement development process. We isolated the example of settlement arrangement into 3 sorts; (1) Multi-driven organization settlement, (2) Strip-hub settlement, and (3) Single-driven settlement. These were then classified through thought of an examination interaction on the geological segment of the north-south and west-east pivot of the Delta. Just as adjusting to the deltaic geological highlights, it very well may be viewed as that the examples and change interaction of these settlements were situated in resembled with; (1) inception of the Phrai framework, and (2) a declination of the Phrai framework. The Chinese merchants, who coordinated the waterfront market organization, could likewise be viewed as the key people who propelled this cycle. It very well may be viewed as that the multi-driven organization settlement was created under the influence of the Phrai framework, while the fish-bone sort strip-pivot settlement was created later a declination of the Phrai framework.

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Mingchen Sun


Since around 1555, the Portuguese had as of now gotten comfortable Macao. Albeit encompassed by Chinese urban areas, Macao oversaw for quite some time to save and foster the Portuguese attributes that are clear in the city design. This western trademark is the thing that these days makes Macao not the same as its neighbors and is the foundation of the city’s special “Social Identity” (CI). The city CI is such a significant element that the People’s Republic of China proposed to UNESCO that they remember Macao for the World Heritage list. Taking into account that over 95% of the populace is of Chinese beginning, we currently bring up a significant issue: what was the course of Macao’s establishment and how could it be to keep up with the Portuguese qualities for such a long time in the midst of an ocean of Asian development and culture? The response is significant, in understanding the city’s set of experiences, yet additionally to make it conceivable to safeguard the Macao CI for people in the future. Following a near strategy for examination of the similitudes and contrasts with other abroad Portuguese urban areas in Asia, and in the wake of investigating the chronicled development of Macao, we recognized the critical components and hints that could give the response to this significant inquiry. The finishes of the examination highlight the recognizable proof of the Portuguese standards for settling, and the Iberian foundations’ liability in keeping up with the Portuguese qualities that mirror the city’s social association. The western social personality of the city was produced by its Iberian foundations through a viable equal improvement with the Chinese towns which involve a similar landmass.


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