Energy-saving Renovation of the Air Conditioning System-system of an Office Building in Chongqing, China

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Yichao Xu, Fan Lu


In order to improve the safety and stability of the use of the air conditioning system in an office building in Chongqing and reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning system, two feasible energy-saving suggestions and optimization schemes are proposed. The first scheme is: the original machine room refrigeration system is replaced by an efficient refrigeration system, and the electric control valve is added to each floor at the end to achieve hierarchical control, and the intelligent control system is added, and the rust pipe and insulation are replaced, and the energy saving rate is 48.18%. Scheme two: optimize the operation status of the cold water host, the secondary pump is changed to a first-stage inverter pump, the end of each layer to increase the electric control valve to achieve hierarchical control, increase the intelligent control system, replace the rust pipe and damage insulation and other measures, the energy saving rate is 14.14%. After the system transformation, the safety and stability of the HVAC system are improved, the risk of system burst pipes is reduced, the energy consumption of the system is reduced, and the heat loss of the pipeline is reduced. At the same time, it can realize the functional requirements of intelligent management and hierarchical control of air conditioning system.


air conditioning system; energy saving; intelligent control



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