Vol 7, No 8 (2022)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/jnhb.v7i8

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Research Article

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Xueyan Li, Yanjie Chang


The continuous progress of modern society has promoted the continuous development of productive forces, human intervention is more and more in nature, and environmental problems have become the hot spot and difficulty in today’s society. Environmental monitoring is an important basis of environmental impact assessment, which directly affects the orderly implementation of environmental impact assessment. This paper starts with environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment, discusses the relationship between the two before, and puts forward some suggestions for the current problems existing in environmental monitoring, hoping to provide some reference for environmental protection work.

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Baoliang Zhang


Taking an open-air coal yard as an example, comparing the effects of different setting methods of the windbreak net on the dust formation in the open-air yard, the results show that when the windproof net is of “mouth” type, the effect of dust suppression and windproof is the best; when the windproof net is in “L” shape, the dust suppression effect is the worst. Comparing the dust suppression effect of the windscreen under different dusting parameters, it is obtained that while optimizing the plane parameters, height and opening rate, the influence of moisture content on the dust suppression effect of the windscreen also needs to be considered. The results show that when the moisture content when the dust suppression rate reaches 8%, the dust suppression rate can reach more than 85%, and the dust suppression effect is greatly improved.

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Yuju Gao


Economic development not only promotes social progress, but also makes the electric energy consumed by the production and operation of various industries continue to increase, putting forward high requirements for the capacity and production rate of coalfired thermal power plants. The increase in the capacity of coal-fired thermal power plants is bound to be accompanied by the expansion of scale and the increase in the output of polluting organisms, leading to the intensification of environmental pollution caused by coal-fired thermal power plants. In this regard, this paper emphasizes that coal-fired power plants must strengthen their own environmental protection efficiency, carry out targeted prevention and control of various pollutants generated in the production process, innovate and improve on the basis of previous environmental protection measures, and meet the two-way demand of society for environmental protection and energy at the same time, so that coal-fired power plants can achieve better development in the new economic situation.

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Caifeng Zhang


In rural areas, biogas digesters, solar water heaters and solar power generation are mainly used as the utilization mode of green energy. In recent years, the country is vigorously promoting the use of solar energy, but the utilization rate is not high and various problems exist in the process of using. In order to better promote new rural construction, popularizing and developing the comprehensive utilization of green energy is an important step. Rural production and living energy consumption has a huge impact on the vast rural areas and even the national ecological environment, so the construction of new rural areas must pay great attention to the construction and development of comprehensive use of green energy in rural areas, so that green energy can give full play to the role of promoting economic, social and ecological sustainable development, the construction of modern, ecological new rural areas.

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Jianhong Chen, Xianping Zeng, Xinguo Li


With the rapid development of China’s industry, the environmental pollution problem is serious, and it is very important to do a good job in environmental protection. In recent years, with the rapid development of science, technology and economy in China, the development of environmental protection work has become one of the key work that cannot be ignored. In the process of environmental improvement work, strengthening the evaluation of environmental improvement is an important guarantee work to implement the quality of environmental improvement.

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Tian Zhou


In order to promote the green and efficient disposal of bulk coal-based solid waste in coal mines, the coal-based solid waste produced in Ningdong base, one of the hundred-million-ton coal bases, is now used as raw material to prepare paste filling materials and carry out research. The response surface regression model was established with the filling 3d as the dependent variable value and four factors as the independent variables, yielding the order of single factor significance influence as X3 > X2 > X1 > X4. Based on the response surface method, the best ratio is: total solid fly ash mixture is 81%, fly ash: cement is 6.5 ∶ 1, mass fraction is 82%, coal gangue: gasification slag is 1∶1, its 3d is 2.88MPa, 7d is 3.32MPa, providing basic parameters for the green disposal of coal-based solid waste.

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Yangyue Jiang, Yang He, Xiaochen He


Paint is essentially a kind of chemical synthesis, with strong chemical pollution, especially in the process of coating production, will cause very serious VOC pollution, cause great harm to human health, environmental safety. Therefore, the comprehensive understanding of VOC pollution toxicity, and put forward targeted prevention and control measures, such as intensify field management, improve production process equipment, research and development of new products, improve personnel quality, to the maximum control of paint production of VOC pollution, improve pollution control effect, realize paint safety production is of great significance. This paper mainly analyzes the toxicity of VOC pollution in coating production, and focuses on exploring the VOC pollution control measures, aiming to further improve the effect of VOC pollution control, and realize the cleanliness, safety and pollution development of coating industry.

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Yanhua Wang


With the development of industrialization, the atmospheric environment is getting more and more serious pollution, such as exhaust emissions, industrial exhaust emissions, not only damage the balance of the ecosystem, but also harm people’s health, is not conducive to human sustainable development. Therefore, it is necessary to apply environmental biotechnology effectively to realize the effective improvement of atmospheric environment and optimize the human living environment. This paper mainly explores the application method of environmental biotechnology in air pollution control, aiming to further improve the application effect of biotechnology, ensure the effective treatment of atmospheric environment, and promote the harmonious development of man and nature.

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Yichao Xu, Fan Lu


In order to improve the safety and stability of the use of the air conditioning system in an office building in Chongqing and reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning system, two feasible energy-saving suggestions and optimization schemes are proposed. The first scheme is: the original machine room refrigeration system is replaced by an efficient refrigeration system, and the electric control valve is added to each floor at the end to achieve hierarchical control, and the intelligent control system is added, and the rust pipe and insulation are replaced, and the energy saving rate is 48.18%. Scheme two: optimize the operation status of the cold water host, the secondary pump is changed to a first-stage inverter pump, the end of each layer to increase the electric control valve to achieve hierarchical control, increase the intelligent control system, replace the rust pipe and damage insulation and other measures, the energy saving rate is 14.14%. After the system transformation, the safety and stability of the HVAC system are improved, the risk of system burst pipes is reduced, the energy consumption of the system is reduced, and the heat loss of the pipeline is reduced. At the same time, it can realize the functional requirements of intelligent management and hierarchical control of air conditioning system.

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Zhichao Cao


The direct air-cooling unit is used to cool down the end of the energy supply system because of its small size, small environmental pollution and energy saving. But the direct air-cooling machine also has a lot of shortcomings, in the course of operation, once subject to low temperature changes, may cause damage to the equipment. For the direct air-cooling unit, anti-freezing is particularly important in winter operation, research on the impact of direct air-cooling unit freezing factor analysis, based on which the corresponding anti-freezing technology. In view of the anti-freezing of the air-cooling system, on the one hand, the peripheral antifreezing system has been perfected, and antifreezing supplies have been prepared, this paper discusses the anti-freezing technology of air-cooling unit.

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Yuanfang Liu


In the whole process of architectural design, the site selection and pattern distribution of energy-saving buildings, housing orientation, general plane distribution, building facade, independent buildings, all need to fully use pure natural electric energy, and then complete the purpose of building energy conservation. Green building design and green energy-saving building are closely linked, complement each other, and play an important role in the development of green building projects. Therefore, this paper will start from the concept and benefits of green energy-saving building, the meaning of green building design, and so on.

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