Research on Pollution Control Countermeasures of VOC in Coating Production

VIEWS - 143 (Abstract) 39 (PDF (简体中文))
Yangyue Jiang, Yang He, Xiaochen He


Paint is essentially a kind of chemical synthesis, with strong chemical pollution, especially in the process of coating production, will cause very serious VOC pollution, cause great harm to human health, environmental safety. Therefore, the comprehensive understanding of VOC pollution toxicity, and put forward targeted prevention and control measures, such as intensify field management, improve production process equipment, research and development of new products, improve personnel quality, to the maximum control of paint production of VOC pollution, improve pollution control effect, realize paint safety production is of great significance. This paper mainly analyzes the toxicity of VOC pollution in coating production, and focuses on exploring the VOC pollution control measures, aiming to further improve the effect of VOC pollution control, and realize the cleanliness, safety and pollution development of coating industry.


paint production; VOC pollution; prevention and control countermeasures



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