Research on the Ratio of Coal-based Solid Waste Paste

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Tian Zhou


In order to promote the green and efficient disposal of bulk coal-based solid waste in coal mines, the coal-based solid waste produced in Ningdong base, one of the hundred-million-ton coal bases, is now used as raw material to prepare paste filling materials and carry out research. The response surface regression model was established with the filling 3d as the dependent variable value and four factors as the independent variables, yielding the order of single factor significance influence as X3 > X2 > X1 > X4. Based on the response surface method, the best ratio is: total solid fly ash mixture is 81%, fly ash: cement is 6.5 ∶ 1, mass fraction is 82%, coal gangue: gasification slag is 1∶1, its 3d is 2.88MPa, 7d is 3.32MPa, providing basic parameters for the green disposal of coal-based solid waste.


response surface method; coal-based solid waste; early strength; filling materials



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