Exploration on Environmental Protection Measures for Coal-fired Power Plants

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Yuju Gao


Economic development not only promotes social progress, but also makes the electric energy consumed by the production and operation of various industries continue to increase, putting forward high requirements for the capacity and production rate of coalfired thermal power plants. The increase in the capacity of coal-fired thermal power plants is bound to be accompanied by the expansion of scale and the increase in the output of polluting organisms, leading to the intensification of environmental pollution caused by coal-fired thermal power plants. In this regard, this paper emphasizes that coal-fired power plants must strengthen their own environmental protection efficiency, carry out targeted prevention and control of various pollutants generated in the production process, innovate and improve on the basis of previous environmental protection measures, and meet the two-way demand of society for environmental protection and energy at the same time, so that coal-fired power plants can achieve better development in the new economic situation.


coal fired power plant; environmental protection; measures

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/jnhb.v7i8.1635


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