Vol 3, No 1 (2018)

Vol 3, No1

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Research Articles

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Weizhao Chuan


The slope of a project in Guiyang, due to heavy rain and other causes of serious deformation, the arrangement of 40 monitoring points, the slope of the emergency monitoring monitoring shows that the use of rapid and then accurate emergency method is feasible; Backfill pressure can stabilize the slope quickly. The supporting slope is characterized by strong deformation integrity and retrograde sliding. Guizhou is a mountainous area with many engineering slopes, which has reference value for emergency monitoring of similar slopes.

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Shumin Xu


With the continuous development of the entire economy, society, and science and technology, the entire earth surveying and mapping technology is also constantly upgrading and developing. With the deepening of digitization, the development of digital surveying and mapping technology has gradually strengthened. Geographical surveying and mapping work plays an important role in the socio-economic development of the entire country and region. The essence and connotation of digital surveying and mapping technology is to serve geographic space and digital technology, and gradually develop to all aspects and deeper disciplines. In the surveying and mapping work, it is necessary to gradually improve the management of the entire digital surveying and mapping technology, continuously improve the service capabilities, and develop the entire surveying and mapping technology to a higher level.

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Tongyu Wang


The shuiquan bentonite mining area in chaoyang county, liaoning province is located in the northern margin of the north China block - yanshan middle neoproterozoic rifting belt - western liaoning Mesozoic upper superimposed basin belt - chaoyang Mesozoic superimposed basin-ling system nejinling si-yangshan volcanic rock basin. The bentonite ore bodies occur in the rhytitic breccia tuff of the lanqi formation and are stratified deposits. Based on the study of the known ore bodies, this paper summarizes the prospecting marks, summarizes the prospecting direction, and lays a foundation for the next exploration.

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Ting Feng


With the continuous progress of the economy, people have new requirements for the quality of engineering, so the accuracy of engineering surveying and mapping is constantly improving. UAV remote sensing surveying and mapping technology is a kind of aerial surveying technology. Based on remote sensing technology, it is of great significance to complete surveying and mapping through a variety of technical means. Therefore, in the process of surveying and mapping, it is of great significance to improve the quality of remote sensing technology. This paper is based on the application of UAV remote sensing mapping technology in engineering surveying and mapping.

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Fangfang Wang


he dynamic observation of various geological processes must be carried out on the basis of clarifying the geological conditions, so that the development conditions and the main factors affecting development can be identified based on the observation data, and the similar geological processes in areas with similar engineering geological conditions can be predicted based on the observation data dynamic.


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