Vol 5, No 1 (2022)

Vol 5, No1

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Te Liu


Over the years, China's mining efforts of mineral resources has been continuously strengthened, and more and more complex mining has been mined by people, providing a large number of raw materials for China's industrial production. However, because some mines are loose managed and there is no unified control system, many mines may cause safety problems and even geological disasters in the process of mining. By analyzing the mine geological exploration work, it gives some disaster prevention countermeasures, hoping to provide some help to the mine exploration and mining.

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Lili Chen


: Under the background of large science and technology, UAV remote sensing technology, as an emerging technology, has been widely applied in many fields and has improved the overall quality of geological disaster prevention and control. Therefore, surveying and mapping departments need to pay attention to the application of UAV remote sensing technology in geological disaster investigation.

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Heng Zhao


In recent years, China’s engineering start technology has achieved rapid growth, and various technical problems have also appeared in engineering development. Due to China’s vast geography and different topography, various complex topography increases the difficulty of surveying and mapping, and also poses huge challenges for professionals. While fortifications cannot leave surveying and mapping, surveying and mapping in the face of the special terrain environment is more difficult. Surveying and mapping staff should select accurate survey methods and surveying techniques according to the specific engineering background, and conduct tests on some special terrains. The paper discusses the specific methods of surveying and mapping of special terrain, and briefly discusses the detailed application of special terrain, in order to improve the quality of surveying and mapping.

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Shaolu Zhang


n China, the protection and rational utilization of land resources is one of the basic national policies. Specifically, land resources occupy a very important position in the ecological environment system, and will also change because of the influence of natural geographical factors, human social activities and other factors. In order to protect and utilize land resources better, GIS and remote sensing information technology should be used reasonably in land dynamic monitoring, so as to achieve the expected effect of monitoring, predict the change of land resources and grasp the change trend of land resources. Based on this, this paper focuses on remote sensing information technology and GIS in land dynamic monitoring  application for analysis for reference.

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Guanglei Nie


n the process of urban geographic information collection, topographic mapping plays an important role. Under the influence of various external factors, it brings great difficulty to topographic mapping. In order to effectively solve the mapping problem, the mapping department needs to introduce UAV aerial photogrammetry technology, which has many advantages and provides support for the smooth implementation of topographic mapping This paper mainly studies the application countermeasures of UAV aerial photogrammetry in topographic mapping.


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