On Enrichment Culturing and Transferring Technique

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Ji-Dong Gu


Enrichment culturing and transferring technique is frequently used to obtain specific functional microorganisms for more in-depth investigations from the complex samples containing a wide range of different microorganisms. This technique is fundamental and critically important in research of microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, and environmental science, but the proper practice of this technique in applications remains ambiguous to some investigators. Because of this situation, misuse and lack of comprehensive understanding of the meaning of this technique are frequently found in manuscripts or even publications. This article provides a discussion about this technique and the meaning for practical use to enhance research for high-quality results and the scientific information effectively when used. The key elements of this technique include, cultural medium composition, culturing and incubation, frequency of transferring for enrichment, procedures prior to the isolation and purification to obtain possibly pure cultures or enrichments of the capable microorganisms for further biochemistry and physiology investigations. The information is intended to improve the basic understanding of this technique for a more effective and efficient applications in research to advance the basic and fundamental information and to pave the way for more innovative research and discoveries to science.


Enrichment and transfer technique; Isolation; Pollutant metabolism; Degradation pathway

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26789/AEB.2021.01.001


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