The complete genome sequence and annotation of a psychrophilic Cryobacterium species GCJ02 isolated from cryomorphic soil of a virgin forest

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Dongsheng Xue, Shuyang Zhang, Chongju Wang, Chunjie Gong


A novel psychrotroph Cryobacterium sp. GCJ02 was isolated and characterized, which showed gorwth well at 4 ºC. The assembled whole genome of strain GCJ02 is 4.39 Mb, including 4,139 protein coding genes with G+C content of 68.41mol%. In this study, we report the complete genome sequence of a novel strain of the genus Cryobacterium, affording feasibility to elucidate the molecular mechanism of cold adaptation, and facilitate genetic manipulation of this bacterium.


Cryobacterium; Genome; Psychrophilic

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