The Critical Issues of Pollutant Biodegradation for Bioremediation Not Being Addressed

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Ji-Dong Gu


Biodegradation is still an active research topic for bioremediation development and clean up the contaminated sites, but current research reports have not dealt with this subject effectively to advance the basic science and provide a fundamental basis for applications. Degradation study is based on the availability of metabolically capable microorganisms, and then the biotransformation and degradation by them shall be on the further in-depth results of the biochemical pathway through isolation and identification of the degradation intermediates. In addition, the relevant genes and proteins can be also investigated based on the biodegradation reactions. There are a number of pitfalls on the degradation research and results reported currently, but the microbes and the metabolism shall be identified as the central focal points to advance the science of this topic prior to the application can be tested under different scenarios.


Biodegradation; Bioremediation; Pollutants; Degradation pathway; Sequencing

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