Reform and Application of "Curriculum Thinking and politics" in Steam Turbine Principle Course

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Yuxin Zheng, Qian Zhang, Haihua Liu, Hui Ruan, Liang Zhang


Principles of Steam Turbine is the core course for energy and power engineering majors. Combining the "industry-oriented, local and application-oriented" school-running orientation of Xi 'an Aeronautical University of our University, according to the characteristics and ability quality requirements of talents training for energy and power engineering majors, and centering on the three-pronged curriculum construction goal of "thought guidance, knowledge imparting and ability improvement", the moral connotation and elements of the course are deeply explored. In ideological and political education, the education of three views, the Chinese dream, and the education of socialist core values are related to the professional values, professional ethics, and professional spirit in the Steam turbine principle course, so that students can accept the influence of mainstream values and strive to achieve the talent training goal of "global vision, family and country feelings, innovative spirit, and professional quality". To form a teaching pattern of professional basic courses and ideological and political theory courses closely combined with the same direction.


Principle of steam turbine; Teaching mode; Teaching reform

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