Brief Analysis of the Establishment of Singing State in Vocal Music Learning

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Ziwei Gong


As a form of musical expression, vocal music mainly shows the emotions to be expressed when singing songs by training pronunciation skills. Therefore, the psychological factors and emotional expression behind the singing skills play a key role in the complete performance of the song. For vocal singing, it is not enough to have a beautiful sound. It is also necessary to add strong inner emotions to the beating notes, and at the same time have good psychological coordination ability. Only in this way can the singing be performed vividly and vividly. In addition to the psychological state, there are also vocal state, breathing state, etc. The state of various organs of the human body when singing will affect the accuracy and completeness of the sound when singing, and will also affect people's most sincere and natural feelings.


Vocal singing, Singing state; Psychological factors; Physiological factor

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