Teaching Analysis on Cultivating Students' Innovative Music Ability in Middle School Music Classroom

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Yujie Li


The Music Curriculum Standards for the Compulsory Educational stage (2022) stipulates that the core quality of music discipline mainly includes four aspects: aesthetic perception, artistic expression, cultural understanding, and creative practice. In the teaching process of high school music classrooms, more emphasis is placed on the cultivation of core competencies. In middle school music teaching, teachers should start from their core competencies, combine with the actual situation of music teaching, create a music teaching atmosphere, stimulate students' interest in music, and enable them to experience the artistic charm of music in the music classroom. To achieve this, teachers need to explore teaching methods from an innovative perspective and adopt advanced teaching methods to cultivate students' innovative abilities. To cultivate students' innovative abilities in the classroom, teachers need to change their teaching methods and concepts.


Core literacy; Music innovation ability; Middle school music classroom

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v2i2.1773


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