Visualization Construction of Safety Production on the Construction Site of Small and Medium-sized Water Conservancy Projects

VIEWS - 116 (Abstract) 28 (PDF)
Xinwei Kang


In the new era, with the rapid development of China’s water conservancy industry, the safety production construction of small and medium-sized water conservancy project construction site is also facing new challenges. Especially with the advent of the era of big data, the original construction site safety management mode and supervision mechanism can not be well applied, which can not reflect the “visualization” of construction site safety management and production management. In this regard, in order to promote the transformation of safety production management mode in the construction site of water conservancy projects, strategies such as scientific division of work areas and living areas, construction of on-site safety signs, and improvement of visual safety detection tools are put forward, so as to build a visual safety production management system in the construction site and promote the safe and stable development of China’s water conservancy engineering industry.


small and medium-sized water conservancy projects; construction site; safety management; safe production; visualization construction

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