Water-saving Irrigation Technology and Its Application in Irrigation and Water Conservancy Project

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Lijun Jiang


In recent years, China’s rural economy has developed rapidly, and more advanced agricultural technology is constantly applied to agricultural production, including water-saving irrigation technology. Large distribution of water resources in China, different areas of water resources quantity also different, and water resources can have important influence on the development of agriculture and production, in the process of agricultural planting need to consume a lot of water resources, if the shortage of water supply, will directly affect the agricultural production. The application of this technology can not only effectively improve the production quality and production efficiency of agriculture, but also improve the utilization rate of water resources, thus effectively promoting the economic income of farmers. Therefore, this paper deeply analyzes and discusses the water-saving irrigation technology and application in irrigation and water conservancy projects for readers’ reference.


irrigation and water conservancy project; water-saving irrigation technology; application

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/szgc.v7i8.1629


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