Research on Application of Digital Hub of Smart Park Based on City Information Model (CIM)

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Jie Li


City Information Model (CIM) is an organic synthesis of urban information based on new generation technologies such as Building Information Model (BIM), Geographic Information System (GIS), Internet of Things (IOT), etc. It integrates urban buildings, pipe networks, equipment the multi-dimensional data such as facilities builds a three-dimensional digital space in the city, and the smart park is an intelligent park built on the basis of the three-dimensional digital space in the city. Based on the characteristics of CIM, this paper puts forward the basic concept and overall architecture of CIM for the digital hub of the smart park on the basis of analyzing its needs, and further promotes the park governance system through the application and exploration of the top-level design of the digital hub of the smart park and digital construction.


urban information model; CIM; smart park; digital hub

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